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Watch all 3 of these important video shorts examining the highest profile suspect witnesses that were allegedly on Route 27 at the time of the attack.




The First Known Accomplice?

(Featuring Lloyde England)


This presentation features our first interview with Lloyde England, the infamous taxicab driver who claims his windshield was speared by light pole #1.  His account has been proven false by the 13 times corroborated witnesses who place plane on the north side of the gas station far from the light pole that allegedly hit Lloyde's car. The debate regarding what happened at the Pentagon can be boiled down to whether you choose to believe the north side witnesses or Lloyde.  While the interview in this piece was conducted in 2006 before we had obtained the north side evidence, please also view our follow-up interview with Lloyde from 2008 where we confront him with the information proving his story false: The Eye of the Storm.


The First Known Accomplice? from Citizen Investigation Team on Vimeo.



From the Law to the Lord

(Featuring Stephen McGraw)


This presentation features our interview with former Department of Justice attorney turned Catholic priest Stephen McGraw.  We gave him the opportunity to tell his story on camera and to confirm or deny some of the suspicious details in his previously published account.

or view directly on youtube.com




The USA Today Parade

(featuring Mike Walter, Joel Sucherman, & Vin Narayanan)

In the following video we examine the accounts of several reporters and editors with USA Today/Gannett Publishing who were allegedly witnesses to the attack. Their alleged point of view from Route 27 in relation to the official flight path is scrutinized while exclusive CIT interviews with Joel Sucherman and Vin Narayanan are featured along with video footage of a statement by Mike Walter.


view directly on  youtube.com

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