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A Simple Explanation of our Findings

The PentaCon presents quadruple corroborated testimony that the plane had crossed over to the north side of Columbia Pike and the CITGO station making it IMPOSSIBLE for the plane to topple the light poles and damage the building as outlined in the "Building Performance Report" by the American Society of Civil Engineers.


*From ASCE report page 19

*From ASCE report page 39

The first witness, Edward Paik, could not see the Pentagon but he claims the plane crossed over to the north side of Columbia Pike which is impossible to reconcile with the physical damage flight path and puts it right on course with the north side of the gas station.

He saw it come from the neighborhoods south of Columbia Pike towards 395.

And he saw it cross over Columbia Pike headed towards the Navy Annex and north of the gas station as it flew right above his shop.

He said it almost hit this roof.

Here is a drawing he made of the flight path just like he described headed to the north of the citgo. He circled his shop.

And then of course we have the independent accounts of the witnesses that were on the CITGO station property and had a great view of the Pentagon.

Robert Turcios was 100% certain he saw the plane fly on the north side of the station.  He points were he saw the plane here:

He also illustrated it for us here:

(he circled his location at the time)

But what's most notable about Robert's account is that he literally says that he saw the plane "pull up"!

This would be impossible in relation to the initial physical damage to the Pentagon which was limited to the bottom 2 floors of the building.

But when considering the veracity of the north side approach, you don't have to take Robert's word for it.  SGT Brooks saw the plane on the north side too!

But that's not all.  SGT Lagasse ALSO saw the plane on the north side!

We tried to find someone who might have seen it on the south side but everyone saw it on the north side.  In fact we are now up to 13 witnesses corroborating the north side approach.

At this point the north side flight path has been confirmed to the point of redundancy proving a military deception in Arlington beyond a reasonable doubt.


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