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Friday, June 15, 2007


Taxicab Driver Lloyde England's Critical Account

Lloyde England is arguably the most critical alleged witness in regards to the attack on the Pentagon. This is because he is where the eyewitness testimony meets the physical evidence.  He claims he had direct contact with light pole number one, which is where the physical damage begins, as the plane knocked the pole off its base and allegedly speared it through the windshield of his taxicab.

We interviewed Lloyde at his home in Arlington, VA in order to clarify all the details of his account.  Lloyde claims the approximately 30 foot long 200 lb. pole speared his windshield after being hit by the plane and that he ended up stopped sideways on the road with the heavier end of the light pole still sticking out of his windshield over the hood of his car.

His account is beyond implausible but in light of the 13 witnesses who corroborate the north side approach, it has been shown that Lloyde's account is a complete fabrication .  There is no chance a plane on the north side of the gas station could have hit light pole #1.   This means that Lloyde England has now been shown beyond a reasonable doubt to have been directly involved with this black operation of mass murder.  The importance of this information is critical to uncovering the crimes of 9/11.  Lloyde is not to blame for an operation of this size and magnitude but he is most definitely a direct link to the perpetrators.  It's imperative that we focus serious attention on Lloyde and the light poles when exposing the details of how this crime was carried out.

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