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Monday, August 13, 2007


Ingersoll Images Reveal Staged Light Pole & Cab Scene Minutes After Attack


The Jason Ingersoll photo collection is a treasure trove of information and they reveal the sequence of events after the attack surrounding the staged light pole and cab scene on Route 27.

The images provide a close-up look at the cab and light pole scene better than any other collection.  But here is a bit of a back story regarding these images first.

Jason Ingersoll was a Navy photographer who took some of the most famous high resolution photos of the Pentagon attack that exist.

He was at the Navy Annex at the time of the attack and walked down to the scene snapping shots along the way.

We were lucky enough to obtain the entire high full resolution Ingersoll collection on our first trip to Arlington from Christopher (Kit) Landis at the VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) who was the Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol. He was in charge of road closures for road safety issues and potentially maintenance most notably of the light poles.  We had specific questions for him regarding prior maintenance to the poles that were downed on 9/11 but he wasn't able to give us specific answers.  He was notably nervous during our questions.

The VDOT takes care of all light pole maintenance as well and you can see me inspect the same style light poles that were downed on 9/11 in their yard

These images will give you a perspective as to where the VDOT is in relation to the Pentagon and light poles which is where Christopher Landis worked and where I inspected the poles.


Getting the entire Ingersoll photo collection was a major score because there were some images we hadn't seen online and they were all the original super high resolution versions in order.

In an extremely strange and suspicious twist that we can only pray is a coincidence, about a week after we had obtained the CITGO witnesses testimony on film, Christopher Landis committed suicide.

The obituary was published in the Washington post on November 16th 2006.

So this happened about 2.5 months after we met him and he gave us the images, and about a week after I was back there, had a
tour of the VDOT again, and obtained the CITGO station witness interviews on camera.

Coincidence?  We can only hope so but he was a very young man with 4 young children (2 boys and 2 girls) and a great job.  We definitely thought he was noticeably nervous when we talked with him.

First I will post the unaltered images from the beginning until he reaches Lloyd and his cab and I will indicate the time of each image and label them with their original name.

The date on the images reads 9/11/2001 but the time on the images indicates exactly 13 hours later than actual time. Since the series starts at 45 minutes past the hour I believe that the minutes are correct because it seems feasible to suggest he started taking pictures about 7 minutes after the "attack" which was at about 38 minutes past the hour and everything coincides right down to his first image of the collapsed roof taken at 21 minutes after the next hour.

No matter how you look at it the time gives you a good reference for how many minutes between each image.

Image name: DSC_0404 time taken: "10:45 PM" will reference as "9:45"

Image name: DSC_0405 time taken: 9:45

DSC_0406 time taken: 9:45

DSC_0407 time taken: 9:46

DSC_0408 time taken: 9:47

DSC_0409 time taken: 9:48

DSC_0410 time taken: 9:48

DSC_0411 time taken: 9:48


DSC_0412 time taken: 9:48
(first image showing cab. traffic not blocked yet. pole is not visible)

DSC_0413 time taken: 9:49
(pole still not visible)

DSC_0414 time taken: 9:49

DSC_0415 time taken: 9:52
(guys in suits now surrounding area, pole is now visible)

DSC_0416 time taken: 9:52
(pole visible)

DSC_0417 time taken: 9:54
(pole visible, traffic completely blocked)

DSC_0418 time taken: 9:54
(traffic completely blocked)

DSC_0419 time taken: 9:55

DSC_0420 time taken: 9:56
(Note scratch in road where light pole was dragged into place)

DSC_0421 time taken: 9:57
(Not a scratch on the hood)

Notice how area is completely blocked off and therefore totally secured and controlled. (red Suzuki is empty)

These 3 men were likely driving the 3 government vehicles that blocked off the scene.  If anyone knows who they are please email us so we can contact them for questioning.


Watch our interview with taxicab driver Lloyde England in the following presentation:

"Lloyde England & His Taxi Cab - The Eye of the Storm"


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