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Friday, November 30, 2007


Two Additional North Side Witnesses Revealed


In The PentaCon (Smoking Gun Version) we presented 4 witnesses who all corroborate the north side approach.

Although this is certainly enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the plane flew on the north side of the station...we have further corroboration from two more witnesses who were in excellent positions to judge which side of the station the plane flew.

Both are previously published witnesses and both interviews were conducted over the phone.

Sean Boger has agreed to let us publish the interview and it will be included in The PentaCon Researcher's Edition slated for release in 2008.

Levi Stephens declined to be recorded but answered all of our questions on the phone and via email dialog.

Levi Stephens

Levi was a courier for the Pentagon and he was in the south parking lot of the Pentagon facing Crystal City right at the clover leaf ramp.

We emailed this image to determine his exact location after he described it to us over the phone.

Here was his reply:

"A... is about right on the mark. Notice it's a one way street that allows you to circle South parking. I was looking for a parking spot. So as the plane flew in I had to physically turn around to watch it. I stopped there when I noticed how low the plane was. The reporter sort of misquoted me I was actually driving away from the Pentagon directionally as I wasn't facing the building."

Levi said he was facing Crystal City and had to turn his head to see the plane. That means he would not have been in a good position to see it hit the building.

But look how close he was to the light poles:

When we asked him if he saw the light poles get hit he said that he "put 2 and 2 together" after seeing them on the news later.

He said he saw the plane "wobble" after passing over the Navy Annex and that it had a "brown or tan" underbelly and that it did not look like an American Airlines jet to him. This detail seemed to trouble him the most because he even made a point to say how he couldn't believe it was an American Airlines when he heard it later.

He said repeatedly that it was on the "right" of the station or that it would be on his "left" if he was at the station facing the Pentagon.

He further confirmed by saying that it was on the "Arlington Cemetery" side of the gas station.

Surely he wouldn't have missed the plane on the official flight path directly in front of him hitting the light poles a few hundred feet away but instead he saw it "wobble" over the Navy Annex on the north side of the gas station.

Levi fully believes that the plane hit the building but once again his placement of the flight path matching all the witnesses at the gas station proves it couldn't have.

Sean Boger

Sean was working inside the heliport tower giving him an incredible vantage point to be able to tell which side of the station the plane approached from.

Here is the best image we could find of his approximate vantage point but naturally he would be further back and higher up.

Sean describes the plane as approaching from "in front of the Navy Annex" and that it was "tilted" or coming in "on an angle" or a bank.

He said he could see the gas station and without hesitation said the plane was on his right side of the station:

"It would be on my right or the gas station's left. If I'm looking out my window cause I'm looking toward the gas station...it would be on my right hand side."

He says he did not see it hit any light poles but strangely he thought it hit a highway sign.

In further description of the bank he says:

"As he was coming towards me it just seemed like he was tilting the aircraft to his right. It was almost like...not really going in nose first...it's just like almost like at an angle."

Like Levi and the CITGO witnesses, Sean also believes the plane hit the building while his placement of it proves that it could not have.

Even though they both believe in the impact, it can not be denied that they both definitively corroborate the north side claim so this continues to demonstrate how effective the deception really was. If they weren't deceived they would likely have never talked to us in the first place.

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