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Mission Statement


Citizen Investigation Team is dedicated to exposing the truth behind the 9/11 attacks strictly via first-hand research and guerrilla investigative reporting efforts.  We limit our reporting to data that we have obtained ourselves from direct contact with eyewitnesses, first responders, victims, authorities, as well as complicit operatives in person and on-location as much as possible.


We refuse speculation and will only present hypotheses based off data that we have personally obtained.  Previous reports from mainstream as well as alternative media will never be assumed correct unless confirmed or clarified.


We patently reject hypotheses that can not be proven and therefore deliberately refuse "no plane theories" or anything based on the use of unknown or "exotic weaponry" as much as we reject the official conspiracy theory.


Although we understand that it is possible for the suspects in question to have access to unknown technology we believe there is enough evidence available to prove the official story false without involving speculation in this regard.


We stress the importance of on-site research and encourage others to make efforts to get answers with this approach.


We advocate only non-violent solutions and are demanding truth, justice, peace, and an end to the fraudulent "war on terror".

Copyright 2007 Citizen Investigation Team. All rights reserved.