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There Was No Missile At the Pentagon - But the Plane Did Not Hit
(an open letter to the 9/11 truth movement)
by: Craig Ranke
Citizen Investigation Team
February 26, 2009

Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) has made it our mission to provide independent verifiable evidence revealing what truly happened at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001.

As it turns out we have been extremely successful in obtaining quite a large body of evidence that fatally contradicts the official story specifically proving how the attack jet that flew tree-top level over Arlington timed perfectly with the explosion did not hit the building as reported. Naturally such a scenario proves a complex conspiracy on 9/11 every bit as much as controlled demolition of the World Trade Center.

When considering a world-wide psychological black operation on this level we must also consider the counter measures that go along with it. Specifically counter-intelligence efforts otherwise known as disinformation that have been deliberately implemented to throw truth seekers off course.

As far as the Pentagon attack is concerned, the evidence we have uncovered reveals beyond a reasonable doubt that the missile theory was the result of a very calculated, deliberate, and extremely effective counter-intelligence effort.

The primary results of this complex effort have been to throw us off course, cause a split in the movement (divide & conquer), and create factions that have launched furious campaigns to accept some sort of a plane impact or else avoid the Pentagon attack all together because it's too "divisive".

So in essence it has been wildly successful until CIT came along with a purely skeptical approach and refused all of it while uncovering independent evidence exposing the truth.

We refused to accept the official story, we refused to accept all previous theories, and we insisted on physically going to the area to find out what people on the street really saw. We intended on reporting our findings regardless of the results.

In addition to contacting as many of the previously published witnesses we could get a hold of we canvassed the neighborhood on foot to find previously unknown witnesses who have never spoken with the media or authorities.

No other evidence could possibly be any more independent than first-hand accounts from random witnesses that we could find on the street.

As it turned out, time and time again we heard the same story from absolutely everyone we could find. They all saw a very large low flying twin-engine commercial aircraft timed perfectly with a big explosion at the Pentagon.

Due to the complex topography and landscape most could not see the alleged impact point of the Pentagon and simply saw the plane and heard or saw the explosion in the distance and therefore assumed the plane must have hit as we were all told by the media and authorities.

But absolutely nobody we spoke with saw 2 planes, nobody saw a small plane or drone, and nobody saw anything remotely resembling a missile.

Imagine what your impression of the truth movement would be if you were a witness in the neighborhood who saw the plane but later heard about missile conspiracy theories.

Those aware of our work understand how we have uncovered that the real smoking gun is the true flight path of the plane which is entirely irreconcilable with all official data, reports, and the physical damage proving the plane people saw did not hit the building. The entire body of evidence we provide is available for free on this website.

So the independent witnesses who were in the critical area right in front of the alleged impact side of the Pentagon all reported a single jet at the time of the attack however in the wrong place to hit the light poles or cause the damage to the building. But nothing at all was reported to have been witnessed on the necessary flight path to cause the physical damage. Because we have been unable to find a single piece of independent evidence for anything on the south side flight path we have logically concluded that the damage to the building was covertly implemented with pre-planted explosives similar to how they brought down the three WTC towers.

For years the truth movement has sat back and theorized primarily based off the available images of the event. No comprehensive independent effort to talk with the witnesses first-hand (and provide recorded accounts) had been undertaken by the media, authorities, or the official story skeptics.

People have been aware of a cover-up when considering the confiscation of all the surrounding security video tapes and they have longed for a release of this information despite the fact that it has been completely controlled by the suspect and therefore subject to manipulation. Many have considered rumors that certain unnamed alleged hotel employees had supposedly watched one of the tapes "in horror". People have hoped that these alleged individuals would reveal the truth if they could be found. For years the movement has demanded a release of these government controlled videos and lamented about getting a hold of these supposed hotel employees to find out what they saw.

CIT did much better than that by providing first-hand, on-location, video-taped interviews from actual witnesses to the event in real life! Not merely people who supposedly saw a grainy security video. So now we know what people really saw. Now we know there was a plane and we know that it could not have hit the building. This is exactly what we needed to end the speculation. The witnesses were there and their stories match! They saw what happened and they prove a deception. We removed the need for guess-work, speculation, and theorizing. We went right to the source and reported it direct for you. There isn't a reason on earth for any logical skeptic to reject definitive corroborated first-hand witness accounts proving the official story false.

So why has the truth movement for the most part insisted on continuing with speculation about missiles and/or remote guided 757 impact theories to counter the missile theories?

Because the counter-intelligence operation worked exactly as intended.

Obviously this endless debate about a false claim has served their purposes perfectly causing people to chase their tails while over-looking the hard evidence that has been uncovered in the mean time.

This situation already had most people frustrated with the Pentagon attack to the point that many had abandoned researching it all together before CIT even existed. Or else it has made people who are firmly in the missile camp reluctant to entertain anything that doesn't prove a missile. The psychological operation runs so deep that some in the movement have actually chosen to attack CIT personally instead of accepting the fact that the witnesses we spoke with prove a deception.

We refused to be dismissive or dogmatic and it led to the incredible amount of evidence we have obtained revealing an outcome that most didn't expect. As a result we have been forced to overcome this already convoluted and very heated debate just to get people to even look at the definitive evidence that we provide. The reality is that there is an equal amount of independent evidence for a missile as there is for a 757 impact. Zero.

Considering all that we have uncovered it's clear to us how effective this missile theory counter-intelligence effort has been. Think about the source. The missile was first mentioned by Donald Rumsfeld himself in what was written off as a slip of the tongue but then it was made famous by French conspiracy author Thierry Meyssan within the first months after the event.

But the most effective catalyst for this disinformation came in early 2002 with the unofficial leak of the blatantly doctored 5 frames from the Pentagon security gate camera. This incredibly effective psychological manipulation tool has been the single most over-analyzed piece of invalid government supplied "evidence" to date. It has caused the movement to be fixated on what could be discerned from the grainy ambiguous video frames as allegedly "hitting the building" while completely diverting us from the true smoking gun - the actual flight path of the plane.

From then on the missile theory phenomenon took on a life of its own as the entire notion of a missile attack on the Pentagon pretty much defined the early stages of the truth movement. Naturally an eventual revolt within the movement itself would be easily predicted setting the stage for us to emerge divided.

As it stands, we are headed towards the 8th anniversary of the attack and there still remains absolutely zero independent evidence for a missile and discussing the Pentagon attack at all is considered taboo in some corners.

The missile theory has remained popular and the divisiveness it has nurtured caused many to shy away from the hard evidence CIT presents proving a deception in a much different way.

Consider this a plea. We are asking you to remove yourself from your previous biases and look at this situation objectively. Familiarize yourself with the full body of information we provide and accept nothing less than 100% independent verifiable evidence moving forward.

The 9/11 operation can no longer be considered a conspiracy theory so we should not reduce it to such by continuing to focus on speculation over evidence.

Nothing that has been controlled and provided for by the government can fairly be accepted as valid evidence in any way shape or form. They aren't going to hand us a video tape proving what really happened and they certainly didn't do this when they deliberately leaked the doctored 5 frames in 2002. Obviously this was part of the plan.

It's imperative that we abandon speculation in light of the fact that we most certainly do have hard evidence proving a deception. CIT will be providing an additional free resource very soon to help everyone get the most pertinent information to the media and authorities in an efficient and professional package so stay tuned for that.

Please help us hyper-focus on the information that reveals this heinous crime as opposed to concentrating on distractions that cause the simple notion of 9/11 being an inside job to remain in the category of "outrageous conspiracy theories" for the masses.

The north side approach is real. It has been proven. It can not be neutralized or spun. No speculation required.

We have provided the evidence but we can only do so much. We need your help bringing it to light.

Thanks and peace.

Copyright 2007 Citizen Investigation Team. All rights reserved.